AAID has two main objectives:

–         the protection of private integrity on the internet

–         the protection of societal values (i.e. democratic values) on the internet

We wish to see the Internet rediscover its original values.

We wish the net to re-become a vehicle of tolerance, knowledge, communication, inclusiveness and empowerment.

We wish to see the Internet win back its credibility.

In order to attain this goal, we need all actors on the net to be accountable. Accountable for their acts and omissions and under certain conditions of the malign utilization of their infrastructure.

We are all accountable for our acts and omission. Why should Internet actors be immune to the liabilities imposed on the rest of society?

We hope to achieve our objectives by creating an ongoing dialogue between Internet actors, policy makers and experts (researchers, lawyers, philosophers and civil society) and strike the right and consensual balance between the protection of free speech and other values online (societal as well as individual).

We believe AAID can be a forum for initiatives for the protection of collective and personal values.

We are already working with policy makers in EU Member States, the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, Data Protection Agencies in Europe and NGOs in order to identify and propose legislative initiatives allowing to maintain the right balance between fundamental rights.

AAID’s Leitmotif is accountability in order to secure values on the Internet related to the protection of individual rights (integrity, privacy, cyber harassment etc.), societal rights (protection of democracy against voter manipulation, fake news, circumvention of media regulations up to an election process etc. In terms of fake news it is actually funny that we identified this risk long before it became the “big debate”) and the protection of the International community against the tragic consequences of incitement to hatred and violence on the Internet.