Tadao Takahashi is the Director General of CoFu, a think tank based in Brazil dedicated to studying and exploring solutions to development challenges in Brazil and other developing countries. Tadao was responsible for the creation, launching and initial direction of the Brazilian Research Network (RNP), the initiative that deployed the Internet in Brazil, from 1988 through 1996.  He was also responsible for conceiving the Internet Governance model of Brazil, predating the creation of ICANN by several years. The formal education of Tadao comprises undergraduate and graduate courses in Brazil and Japan. Tadao was nominated for the Internet Hall of Fame earlier this year.

The President of AAID, Dan Shefet:

« We are delighted to announce that Tadao Takahashi has joined the Board of AAID. Tadao Takahashi’s vast experience in the solution of technological challenges and his lead in the field of Internet Governance will substantially reinforce AAID’s promotion of an Internet respecting human rights, human dignity, democratic values, tolerance and credibility. »


For more information: contact@eaaid.org