Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy


is an Association (formed under the French law of 1901) the objective of which is to introduce a general principle of accountability on the internet in order to secure the protection of human integrity. In cooperation with: UNESCO, Mahatma Gandhi Institution for Peace and Education, World Assembly of Youth (WAY), Association FuturoDigitale, Luz Maria Foundation, Fundación Valsaín (presided by Alvaro Gil-Robles), No Hate Speech Movement, SAM-ADR ULPGC(Servicios de Mediación y Arbitraje) and Right to Remove (

Déclaration d’indépendance II

(les rêves utopiques de 1996 adaptés à la réalité dystopique de 2018)   "Personnes concernées" de tous les pays, unissez-vous !… Read More

Become a Local Chapter of AAID

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Declaration of Independence II

(Barlow’s and our aspirations meet the facts). Data Subjects of all countries unite ! We were promised ultimate freedom and… Read More

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