AAID welcomes Robert Wentrup as new member of the Board from 1 November 2017. He has a background as Country Manager of Business Sweden in France and Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Sweden in Paris, and holds a Ph.D. in economic geography with specialization in service sector and the online economy. Robert’s PhD-thesis explored the process of internationalization for Online Services Providers and its effect on the economic geography in terms of production and users of online services.

The President of AAID, Dan Shefet:

« We are greatly encouraged by Robert Wentrup joining our Board. With his vast knowledge in the field of online economy he will be of great value to AAID’s international advocacy against all kinds of abuse of the internet including hate speech, fake news and radicalizing content in order to protect personal integrity as well as our democratic values, peace and stability. »


For more information: contact@eaaid.org