It is AAID’s intention to develop a policy on an Enhanced Accountability Standard applicable to certain “groups” which are particularly exposed on the internet to discrimination, harassment, denigration and repression.

One such “group” that immediately comes to mind is of course half the population of the offline world: Women. 

Women are traditionally in many cultures (actually all over the world) still treated as “secondary citizens” (or worse than that) and the net unfortunately contributes to inflaming this state of affairs.

We need to develop an enhanced accountability standard for such groups.

We need to turn transparency against those who vindicate toxic content in the name of free speech.

Infrastructure providers should answer publicly to the reasons why they continue to allow access to these sites, host them or reference them.

Such a policy is not censorship. It is the strict application of transparency and accountability.

It will also give ISPs their day in court for the public to decide whether to continue to support them or take their next click somewhere else.